WAMBOX was created to give newbie or experienced beatmakers the opportunity to make drum beats instantly on the internet and to be introduced to some rhythms and beats as inspiration to create new grooves. Also, to have access to a variety of kits in an online drum machine that simulates an old school beatbox- Feel free to use any of the beats you make in WAMBOX in your music. Have fun and remember, it´s a web app not functional on mobile.

WAMBOX has a simple design with easy-to-understand functionality and although there are limitations, there are plenty of basic tools to work with. There is no backend, so no registration process and to “save” means you download the beat as a wav file. If you want to save your settings take a screenshot.  If you need to look at a rhythm to enter the notes into WAMBOX take a snippet or open another tab in the browser, go to the beat and go back and forth. WAMBOX could be on the same page but lots of scrolling would be needed with all the beats and more to come….


Bil Bryant, current CEO of the online DAW, Amped Studio (https://ampedstudio.com), is a drummer, sound developer and sample producer and entrepreneur in the music technology sector for over 25 years. He has producers over 60 sample and sound effects titles including sample titles featuring his hero drummers Jabo Starks (James Brown), Pistol Allen and Uriel Jones (Drummers of Motown) Jerome Brailey (P-Funk) and jazz great Ralph Peterson. as well as playing many himself. He has produced and/or licensed sounds to Apple, Ableton, Avid, Sony, Yamaha, Steinberg, Cakewalk, Denon, Sound Ideas, Microsoft, Zoom Corporation, Teenage Engineering – have we missed anyone – yeah but you get the idea…. hey this is free so some self promotion is the price. The kits are personal recordings of boxes or drums owned or borrowed. Shout out to Jari Kleimola, Mikael Wikman, Magnus Ottosson, Mattias Tenger and JWB!