Manual 1:

Kits: There are 33 kits with 8 hits/instruments a kit. All are sample based with a collection of analog/digital/acoustic sounds. The kick and snare are in the same position for each kit but there is no positioning standardization so each kit has it´s own positioning.

Play/Stop: Are we good?

Clear: Nukes the notes in the Grid.

Save: There is no backend or registration to WAMBOX, so to SAVE means it will make a download in wav format. Show it to your Mom or import it into a awesome DAW like Amped Studio

Tempo: Move slider left ot right to slow or speed up the Tempo/BPM

Swing: The grind is 16th note based and by moving the SWING slider you can try to get a triplet feel. Good Luck!

Level: Volume slider for each hit/instrument. Move the slider left and it lowers the sound and ritght increases the sound. You are welcome!

Pan: This is the stereo sound image, move the slider left or right to”pan” the sound to one side or the other.

Pitch: Move the slider to the left and it lowers the pitich and to the right makes the sound go higher. Am I going to fast for you? I don´t anticipate anyone actually reading this so….

Reverb: Sounds like the drums are recorded in a cave, move the slider to the right and it´s becomes a bigger cave.

Delay: This is a echo type thing.

Delay Time: Adjusts the echo to the rhythms tempo.

Delay Feed: Extends the intensity of the echo.

Reset: Nukes all the slider settings.

Manual 2

Steps: Red box in the Manual 2 picture – This is were you can create a new time signature by hitting the minus sign and removing grid boxes. Above is a 12/8 groove. The normal setting is 16. 4 boxes to a beat, 4 beats to a bar.

Bars: Yellow box in the Manual 2 picture – This is have many bars are used in the beat – currently WAMBox has 4 bars maximum.

Scroll: Purple box in the Manual 2 picture to move to the different bar views as it is a static visual.

Drum Pads: The drum pads are playable for both auditioning and recording. For recording, hit play and hit the pad in time and it will record and position the pad hit in the grid.